Forgiato Blow – The BLUE WAVE


St. Petesburg local rapper “Forgiato Blow” shows up and shows out for his city with his fans. He had used Instagam to set up a hang out session/meet & greet for his fans, in the city & beach where he grew up in & lives, St. Pete Beach, FL. Despite any worries or concerns, Forgiato Blow managed to have a successful day with his fans at the beautiful beach of St. Pete.



“I am always on the road,” said Forgiato Blow in an interview, whose real name is Kurt Jantz. “I am never in the city too much. A lot of my fans feel like they can’t touch me. They want to come out and spend time with me.” With the concerns of have needing a permit or permission to have such event on the beach, was a thought, but wasnt an obstacle to him. He says “If I would have gone to go get a permit, they probably would have said you can’t do something like this,” he said, “they would have definitely turned me down for something as big as this.”


So after even meeting with the mayor of St. Pete Beach, and all the co-motion, everything came out as planned, enjoy a video talking about just that…

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