El Chapo escaped again!

The news & tabloids are not surprised to get this information provided by the Mexican Officials… But, Joaquin Guzman A.K.A. El Chapo, has escaped again! This leader of the Sinaloa cartel had a tunnel made for him to escape directly from his cell. Mind you, this tunnel was a mile long, and was ventilated & lighted! Lol, boss much?! That’s rolling out of jail, in style! Lets see if they catch him this time, last time it only took them 13 years to apprehend him! Not only did he escape from the officials last time. But he had tunnels, that lead from his bathtub in the bathroom. Yes… his bathtub! Look at some pictures below of his bathub set up in some of his safe houses. Be on the look out for El Chapo! He might be in the streets near you! Lol.