Jawniilochness New Video

JAWNIILOCHness, a Hialeah,FL based artist/producer, drops a hot new music video.

We got together with JAWNIILOCHness and got his inside scoop of what the song is about. Here is what he said..

The scoop:

“Prey… This song is based on having a free state of mind. Whether your hustling, going to school, no matter what you do, the goal is to live free.. When your from the South, its a different lifestyle, and I’m just giving my insight on how we get down. Down here, we just go and get ours, by any means. Got to have faith in what you do, and that what your doing is right. This is just me, bringing my own flavor of music with real life situations. The beat itself was handcrafted to match the song. The beat has its own grungy, underground but trappy feel. ” – JAWNIILOCHness

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Instagram: @jawniilochess  // Twitter: @JONII_BOY

Now press Play and enjoy this video!

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